Friday, March 2, 2012

Google Calendar and an App for Brickworld

I would like to set up the Brickworld event schedule on a Google calendar that people can link to their phones. I will figure this out.  But, if you have experience with something like this and wouldn't mind tutoring me a bit, it would be much appreciated.

On a related note, there was a nice couple at Brickworld last year that was interested in helping create a Brickworld app for phones.  You know who you are...Unfortunately, I don't remember.  I would love to talk about this too.


  1. If you create a public Google calendar, you can give folks a URL to the calendar, and they can manually add it to their gcal pretty easily.

  2. After some side discussion, it looks like we will add some automatic tweeting features for the schedule (15 minute reminders for each element on the schedule) straight from our web site. Plus, we are looking into setting up links to allow you click and get an ipx file that you can then import into your own schedule. We decided that a Google calendar would be pretty confusing with as many as 7 things happening at once at the event. I would still like an app to rake the schedule from the web site and give it to you in a nice format on a phone. Lacking that, we will probably look into creating a schedule repeater web page that is formatted for viewing on mobile devices. is a fun and wonderful thing!!