Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charity Fundraiser + New Restaurant

Emails out about the charity fund raiser.  I hope everyone likes the new combined raffle/auction format.  We made this change to help make the fun affordable for some families that have wanted to participate in the past.  So, please remember that the money raised all goes to good causes.  Plus, it is always nice to refresh what we are doing a bit.  We never want Brickworld to just be the same event as last year.

Plus, we were up in Chicago on Monday and got to eat lunch at the new restaurant in the Westin.  It is good and it is affordable at about $11 for lunch...I said affordable, not cheap.  But, the food was really good and the portions were nice.

The event kits were dropped off in Chicago...DONE!!

Now, all we have left is the layout, tshirts, polo shirts, goody bag stuff, and about 100 other things  :)

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