Saturday, May 19, 2012

Home Stretch Time

Home stretch...seemed an appropriate title as "I'll Have Another" won the Preakness this evening, keeping hopes of a Triple Crown winner alive.  I think the last TC winner was Affirmed in 1979.

Anyway, on to Brickworld stuff!!

Well, registration is officially closed.  Though, unofficially, it is still open until tomorrow night or Monday since Mike is on vacation this weekend and doesn't have a computer with him to actually shut it down.  So, you can still register if you haven't.

We did manage to beat last year's record attendance again this year.  And, while the web site says 915, we have a group of people that are registered, but not on the web site.  So, the official number will ultimately be between 930 and 950.

Kevin is getting going on the layout.  It feels late this year.  But, since everything is shut down.  He might get away with only doing it once.

Kathie has been cross referencing MOC cards with table requests.  There are some people that could be disappointed because they didn't sign up for table space.  As always, we will do our best to work it all out.

I signed up for HootSuite today.  This allows us to schedule tweets and facebook posts to happen throughout the event.  So, the schedule is going into HootSuite.  Follow Brickworld on Twitter or get in to the Brickworld Chicago Page on FB to receive the updates during the event.  This will be kind of a fun experiment.

So, we are on the home stretch!!!  Bring it on to Brickworld.

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