Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who is in charge of this blog?

Well, 143 pounds of LEGO showed up yesterday.  So, that is my excuse for the last day of silence here.  I don't know who is in charge of this blog.

I have succeeded in building all of the trophies for the event this year.  There are 42 trophies in all!!  Rob Hendrix is working his LifeLite magic on the World of Lights, Sounds, and Motion trophy.  Oh, and while the design is secret, I can tell everyone that we are using a new trophy design this year.

I am hoping that my 1 invitation to do a workshop pans out.  Then the workshop schedule will be full and we can get the workshop registration open.

Most of the presentation slots were swept up quickly...we are so honored that people are excited to contribute to everyone's fun at the event.

I will be closing up display space registration later tonight.  MOC registration will stay open to get your last minute MOC card info entered.

We crossed the 800 registrant threshold again and are on track to hit about 900 again this year.

We received the first engraved badge order from Tommy along with all the 1x8 2012 commemorative bricks.  We sent off the minifigs for printing to Tommy today.  And, we got the magnets ordered today.

Wow, the event is almost here!!

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