Friday, February 8, 2013

Event Kit Parts

So, I spent all day getting the instructions for the event kits half way readable so I could use them to count out parts and construct 1 of each to make sure we got all the parts.  An interesting exercise.  I found 1 part where I ordered 200 but I need 400.  Easily remedied as it is readily available on Bricklink (whew).

Focus for the rest of the weekend has to be on Brickworld Indy.  I need to get the layout together.  And, we have an IndyLUG meeting on Sunday and everyone will want to know where their display is.  Of course, I have to go coach the high school robotics team from 10 AM - 6 PM (or maybe later) tomorrow.  So, it will be a long night tomorrow night.

Last week I started working only Monday through Wednesday.  Having 2 more days each week to work on catching up with this stuff has really helped and my stress level should be a lot lower going forward.  Though right now I am stressing because registration numbers are still lagging behind 2012.  It really makes me wonder if there were people registering just to get the LEGO discount.  Very sad indeed.  But, if that is all they were doing, they weren't making the event better for any of us.  And, they were probably in the way.  So, they won't be missed.

Off to relax for the evening.

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