Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Parts Order, Stanchions and BW Indy

So, now that the stanchions are here in Indy, I have spent some time figuring out how to better organize them for storage and improve the process of set up and tear down.  All the chain has been cut into lengths that span between 2 stanchions 6 ft apart.  So, you get a piece of chain with each stanchion.  Also, when we store the stanchions in the future, no more garbage bags.  I have boxes that will allow us to store the posts with the caps and hooks installed.  And, I am removing the bottom plate on all the bases so they stack nicely into boxes.  The boxes are all double walled and should be pretty durable if we don't abuse them.  I have to admit, cutting all that chain into 470 pieces the same length took a long time!!

Today, our parts order for the event arrived...on a pallet.  Yikes!!!

Parts for both event kits, items to put in the goody bags, the badge bricks and mini-figures made quite a pile. Now I have to sort it all and then re-ship the event kit parts to Massachusetts where Jeremy Moody (probably with some help from the family) has taken over the box design and actual kitting of the parts.  This is a big relief from Adam and I as we were always struggling to make time to get this all done for the event.

Brickworld Indy is now just a month away.  Time to get that layout finalized and polish up the plans.  It has also moved to a new venue.  Lots of changes this year!!

As a side note - life could be interesting as we run up to the event in June this year.  My FLL team qualified for the North American Championships that will be held in May at LEGOLand CA.  So, if we decide to go, I will have kids at the house for that for a while on top of mentoring the high school FRC robotics team.  Wish me luck...I might yet lose my sanity!

Good night all.

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