Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Event Kit 1 is Complete

We finished packing up the first event kits tonight (about 50 of them).  It is the pyramid.  Great kit designed by Jeremy Moody.

Next up, the cracked world by Nannan Zhang.

I also turned in the final Brickworld Indy layout to the convention center tonight.  Complete with power drops.  The space is full again this year.

The coolest thing so far this week is that I finally managed to get some LEGO parts included on my high school team's FRC robot.  The student in charge of the programming was unable to get the kit accelerometer to work.  After a week of messing around, I noted that the system was designed to allow the attachment of a standard NXT I2C sensor.  So, I took in one of my HiTechnic accelerometers.  We had it operating in about 5 minutes. So, a LEGO part is now on the robot.  All I need to do now is add a minifig or two...okay, so all of that had nothing to do with Brickworld.

We received a package from LEGO yesterday with a few sets to give away in a Brickworld Indy raffle.  Thanks LEGO!!  The list of displayers is complete and posted on the IndyLUG forum to make sure we didn't forget anyone.  All we need is another FLL team or two to help cover the FLL demo area for the weekend.  If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Last week, Steve Hassenplug brought RoboRally down for a science night demo.  I think we found a good way to queue up players and run games.  We will incorporate this into upcoming events I am sure.

That's it for now.


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    1. Yes - we couldn't choose just one. There was actually a 3rd option we liked too. But, it was just too much to do a third kit.

  2. Oh, ok, cool. Nannan's is pretty cool and kind of ties in with last year's, but this one is definitely more subtle in its humor perhaps.