Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Event Kit 2

I got out all the parts for event kit #2 (the cracked world by Nannan Zhang).  Then I made up one kit to make sure all was good.  That was when I found out there were no instructions for this model.  Nannan sent me some pictures and with the help of Kevin Clague, I now have a good set of instructions for the model.  So, I built it and found out our initial part count was off by 1 part.  Off to Bricklink I go  :)

Meanwhile, we are kitting the 100 models.  I am about halfway done and planning on major progress tonight.  I want this done and out of the way in the dining room so I can start piling up stuff that needs to go to Brickworld Indy.

Hotel rooms at the Westin are going fast.  We got our first email from someone trying to reserve a room to tell us that their desired room type was not available.  The resolution is that each week we end up calling the hotel to get more rooms added to the Brickworld block...there comes a point where the hotel will say "sorry, no more rooms".  So, reserve your room early.

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