Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Event kit packing and more

We started making event kits this week. It will be nice to have those completed well in advance this year. The kits have pretty cool parts. So, I think they will sell quickly. We hit 400 registrants today. Amazing and cool. I started laying out the event space. Vendors will have specified space in the room and there are a set number of booths of each size available...more than last we should be getting vendor registration open soon. We also posted the collaboration info to the Brickworld web site...take a look and plan to participate. Finally, I got all my stuff packed up for Brickworld Indy and I found out that I will be on Indy Style again this year before the event. Lots going on!!

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  1. Great idea for a blog! I hope to make it to Brickworld this year.