Saturday, May 19, 2012

Home Stretch Time

Home stretch...seemed an appropriate title as "I'll Have Another" won the Preakness this evening, keeping hopes of a Triple Crown winner alive.  I think the last TC winner was Affirmed in 1979.

Anyway, on to Brickworld stuff!!

Well, registration is officially closed.  Though, unofficially, it is still open until tomorrow night or Monday since Mike is on vacation this weekend and doesn't have a computer with him to actually shut it down.  So, you can still register if you haven't.

We did manage to beat last year's record attendance again this year.  And, while the web site says 915, we have a group of people that are registered, but not on the web site.  So, the official number will ultimately be between 930 and 950.

Kevin is getting going on the layout.  It feels late this year.  But, since everything is shut down.  He might get away with only doing it once.

Kathie has been cross referencing MOC cards with table requests.  There are some people that could be disappointed because they didn't sign up for table space.  As always, we will do our best to work it all out.

I signed up for HootSuite today.  This allows us to schedule tweets and facebook posts to happen throughout the event.  So, the schedule is going into HootSuite.  Follow Brickworld on Twitter or get in to the Brickworld Chicago Page on FB to receive the updates during the event.  This will be kind of a fun experiment.

So, we are on the home stretch!!!  Bring it on to Brickworld.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Whirlwinds rule

As we get closer to the event, everything starts to spin faster and faster.

Last week, the fliers for the LEGO stores arrived...of course, they arrived right when Adam was leaving town.  So, thanks to Jeff and Robyn Veins for taking thousands of fliers and making a trip around Chicago to get them in stores!!

Registration is jumping (as it always does this time of year) and we are fast approaching 900 again.

I got trophies built and the placards designed.  Kathie now has control of the badge design so that she can make the badges.  The lanyards (different design this year) are being quoted.  Thanks to BrickForge for sponsoring the lanyards!!

I spent Saturday doing a display with some of my fellow IndyLUG members for the Indy 500 Kids Fest (no relation to that other Kids Fest).  We set up a main straightaway from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and had LEGO drag races...well, actually, they were Indycars built on 9V train motors with metal track embedded in the speedway.  But, the kids really enjoyed it!!  We even had a lady from the real track stop by and ask if we would bring it to the race track next weekend.  So, I might have to spend next Sunday at the track...oh darn...and she said she would give us some tickets to the race.  So, there goes the following Sunday too  :)

If you haven't noticed, I started putting the schedule together and getting it up on the web site.  I think that everything is there except the Friday presentations.  I plan to finish those up tonight.

We hit 100 "Likes" on the Brickworld Chicago FB page this weekend.  If you haven't "Liked" it yet, get on board with us please  :)

If anyone knows how to make a flash mob happen at the event...surprise me  ;-)

One final request in this ramble...we have online ticket sales open for public days.  Please spread the word.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who is in charge of this blog?

Well, 143 pounds of LEGO showed up yesterday.  So, that is my excuse for the last day of silence here.  I don't know who is in charge of this blog.

I have succeeded in building all of the trophies for the event this year.  There are 42 trophies in all!!  Rob Hendrix is working his LifeLite magic on the World of Lights, Sounds, and Motion trophy.  Oh, and while the design is secret, I can tell everyone that we are using a new trophy design this year.

I am hoping that my 1 invitation to do a workshop pans out.  Then the workshop schedule will be full and we can get the workshop registration open.

Most of the presentation slots were swept up quickly...we are so honored that people are excited to contribute to everyone's fun at the event.

I will be closing up display space registration later tonight.  MOC registration will stay open to get your last minute MOC card info entered.

We crossed the 800 registrant threshold again and are on track to hit about 900 again this year.

We received the first engraved badge order from Tommy along with all the 1x8 2012 commemorative bricks.  We sent off the minifigs for printing to Tommy today.  And, we got the magnets ordered today.

Wow, the event is almost here!!