Sunday, June 24, 2012

Looking Forward

So, my blog kind of took a dive for the last month as we pulled off a great Brickworld with the help of a lot of people.

Now that Brickworld Chicago is complete, we are looking forward to Brickworld Fort Wayne and we are already getting to work on Brickworld Chicago 2013.

Of course, we are still cleaning up from BW Chicago 2012, uploading pictures, working on video, cleaning up the pile of stuff in the living room from where it pretty much got dumped out of the car when we got home Monday.  Life is getting back to normal (whatever that is).  We went to a graduation party yesterday and then to a wedding where I made the center piece for the head table.  It was a flower box full of roses with an angry bird flying into it.  Nothing is complete without a bit of movement.  So, the top of the flower box lifted using a remote control and a couple of pigs would stick their heads up.

Play well.  I will probably be pretty quiet here for a while.  Don't forget the 2013 event kit competition on Flickr.