Sunday, December 8, 2013

Great Ball Contraption

When a group of guys published the specification for the Great Ball Contraption (GBC) in the spring of 2005, it was being done for a little bit of fun.  When we took the GBC on the road to a fan event for the first time in August 2005, we had no idea that there would be an overwhelming fan and public response to the giant Rube Goldberg-like creation.  And, ever since that time, the popularity of the GBC has exploded worldwide.  While the original 5 or 6 of us that pushed and operated the GBC kind of faded into the background, we still kept watching and enjoying.

Well, now we are pushing a resurgence of the GBC.  Several of us have created a few new modules and we want to continue to bring life to our LEGO creations.

You might be asking yourself, what is useful in this post.

There is a point.  The point is that things that move and make noise are more fun for the average person to watch.  While some of us are more astute LEGO artists that look for nuances and look at building techniques, the average person want something to jump out at them.  And, the GBC does exactly that.

I am not encouraging everyone to make a GBC module.

But, I am encouraging you to consider the additional of movement and noise...and even a little interactiveness to your displays.  Some people might not have a great appreciation for it, but Tim Allwein's Studsville is a perfect example.  Watch the reception it gets from people and you will understand more of how to make your creation more popular to viewers.

Of course, this is selfish encouragement.  Because the better your displays are, the more that people enjoy Brickworld.  See you all at an event in 2014!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Google+ Success

I successfully created a Google+ Brickworld page this evening.  Now, to get all the linking to happen automatically!!!

It is almost 2014!!!

We are never sure exactly what the new year will bring except that change is inevitable.

Of course, nothing is definite in life or in LEGO...So, what will 2014 possibly bring?

Note:  All comments below are purely speculative and not guaranteed

  • A new look for the Brickworld web site?
  • Trophies for MOCs nominated for awards?
  • More Brickworld expos?  Maybe we are coming to a city closer to you!!
  • A coordinator kick off meeting in February at the Renaissance?
  • An event kit contest for 2015 where the models are judged at Brickworld Chicago in 2014?
  • Maybe we will put the brick into Brickworld?

Short and cryptic?  maybe....and stealing a line from Starship Troopers:  "Would you like to know more?"

We hope everyone has a safe holiday season.  We will see you all soon.  On that note, we will be at the NILTC Cantigny show Dec 14 & 15.  Maybe we will see you there.