Thursday, May 29, 2014

Only a couple weeks

Event preparation is actually nearing completion. We are still getting a few new things added to the event schedule (significant things). So, keep an eye on it (and maybe some announcements. We need to get logistics information out to the displayers and we need to get packed up. All of my builds are done. And, I have a couple new things. So, that is fun for me. I also spent some time upgrading my MTron MOCs (some for looks, some for durability, some for noise control, and some to make setup quicker. The one thing that is really hard on me in Chicago is that I really don't have time to set up my MOCs and enjoy it. It is always a rush because there is never a dull moment for me. So, since MTron has become the largest collection of MOCs I set up each year, it needed some upgrades (and probably still needs more) It is hard to believe that we filled the display hall to overflowing again even after expanding it by 30% again this year. Of course, some space went to vendor booths and some went to aisles. But, we still added about 400 feet of display frontage. See you in Chicago!!