Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A little behind...

Well, we got registration opened on January 1st just as planned this year.  But, Kathie and I have both been caught up in a vortex of non-Brickworld urgent matters for the last few weeks.  So, now we are behind on a lot of things.

Plus, now we are in the zone of Brickworld Indy preparation.  So, catching up on Chicago will take a few weeks (not to mention the still swirling vortex of other urgent stuff).

On the happy side, we were able to get to Champaign, IL for one of the Illinois FLL championship tournaments this weekend and do a small display to help get the word out about Brickworld.  And, we are going to be holding our coordinator kickoff on Feb 8 just as planned.  We already have a keynote speaker lined up for Chicago (not a LEGO employee).  I have seen this keynote speaker in action and I think we will really enjoy it this year.

If you haven't looked at the high level schedule on the Brickworld site, then you haven't seen some of the schedule adjustments we have made for 2014.  You should take a peek  :)

If you haven't registered for Brickworld, don't forget to get that done soon or you will be playing catch up on pre-order merchandise, table space requests and MOC registration.

We will be attending a screening of the LEGO Movie on Feb 1st and we are still watching closely for release dates of the Beyond the Brick brickumentary that was filmed at Brickworld Chicago in 2013 (among some other locations).

Stay tuned for a flurry of announcements from the Brickworld email system!!

Be safe and play well, Bryan